Alcohol BLOG

Alcohol is a socially accepted substance. However, users have the tendency to abuse it and some even become addicted to it. It is often hard to control ourselves when we are drinking alcohol and having fun. Once we start associating alcohol and fun, it pushes us to drink. Sometimes, when we are having a bad day, we get that “I need a drink” feeling. We resolve to alcohol thinking that it will make us better. We get used to this feeling and next thing we know, we are drinking alcohol even when we are not supposed to.

If you feel that you are drinking more than you should be, you can do an alcohol test on yourself to check how much alcohol is in your system. The test together with some good reasons to stop drinking can help you change your mind about taking alcohol. Some reasons why you should stop drinking alcohol:


Health – alcohol possess a threat to our mind and body. Too much alcohol in our system causes damage to the liver and heart. Alcohol abuse weakens our immune system, increasing our chances of developing fatal diseases.

Stability alcohol abuse causes instability in many ways. Going to work intoxicated and getting caught might cost you your job. Once you are unemployed, alcohol consumption increases until you are unable to perform your daily tasks.

Family – alcohol abuse causes family troubles. Some resolve to alcohol because of family troubles but being drunk all day will not resolve anything.

Money – like family troubles, some resort to drinking because of financial problems. However, alcohol does not come cheap and the amount that you buy alcohol with adds up in the long run.

Future – alcohol impairs the way you think and soon enough will start taking over your life. If you are depressed and you resort to alcohol, you are only digging a deeper hole.

Alcohol will take over your life without you knowing it. If family and friends start to notice it and tell you about it, do an alcohol screening test. Once you see the results, you will be reminded of how serious your condition is and the possible dangers that can be triggered by the abuse. Talk to a professional or look for self-help programs.