Alcohol BLOG

I have a 15-year-old son who I think has been drinking. He chews gum and takes mints most of the time so I do not smell it on his breath. I heard him talking about drinking with his friends and am worried because alcoholism runs in our family. I have found that there are home testing kits that can be used on kids as well as adults to test for alcohol in the system. They work to test urine as well as saliva. There is even alcohol testing kit that can be used to test alcohol on the breath and it cannot be fooled with ordinary mints and gum.

I plan to test my teen for alcohol using an at-home testing kit. I wonder if there are any other parents out there who have experienced this type of behavior in their teens and have used these kits to test their children for alcohol. I feel as though I am going over the top a bit on this, but I do not want to see him drinking at this young age.