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Binge drinking is a common term which refers to the act of drinking heavily over a number of days. Today’s society, however, has put a new definition to the term which now means having heavy consumption of alcohol over a short period of time, as explained by

In most college campuses, binge drinking has become and is continuing to be a big problem. Consuming five or more drinks in a row by men and four or more drinks by women within a two-week period validates the meaning of binge drinking; doing it for more than twice in two weeks is considered heavy binge drinking.

So why do students and adolescents do binge drinking? Binge drinking usually affects freshmen students on campus who, for the first time, are far away from home. With liquor stores and manufacturers make drinking look so much fun, students become more curious -- and to enjoy their newfound freedom, they plunge right into the act.

Now, who are the most common people enlisted as binge drinkers? Some studies show that white male students who attend colleges in the northeast part of the country are on top of the list. Those who become members of campus groups such as sororities and fraternities and actually live in frat or sorority houses and dorms become participants of binge drinking too.

Students may also look at alcohol as their means to escape from stress. They have this notion that alcohol will make them feel good about themselves and finally seal their entry into adulthood. What they keep on forgetting is that alcohol intake could also mean hangover episodes and could lead to more stress than they already have.