Alcohol BLOG

It may be alright to have a bit of alcohol every now and then to celebrate, but it is always better to do so in moderate quantities. While our mental image of drinking too much may include episodes of dizziness, blacking out and waking up the next day with a major headache, those who have had too much to drink on a continuous basis may find themselves in a more difficult situation.

Addiction to the substance has serious consequences to the body. It can trigger serious damage to brain cells, and more often than not, you find yourself having trouble staying conscious at will. You may also find yourself unable to walk, and may even suffer a coma.


Because the brain cells are fried from excessive alcohol consumption, it is no surprise that too much of the substance can lead to memory loss. The mental damage that alcohol gives to the brain is permanent; there is currently no possible way to recover the brain cells that you have lost. Behavior is affected because of this mental change, and the people close to you may suffer the most.

So before you indulge yourself during the holidays, try to think about alcohol’s effects on the body. While it may be all right to drink and be merry, it is advisable to drink only the amount that your body can take. Anything beyond is dangerous for your body and mind.

It is during this time that drinking responsibly becomes something of utmost importance. Doing so not only shows that you respect your own body, but it also gives the impression that you know how to handle yourself quite well.