Alcohol BLOG

Every year, hundreds and thousands of people are being admitted in alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers across the country due to addiction. In 2007, about 38,000 people entered into some form of drug abuse treatment in Washington State – Methamphetamine addiction being the most prevalent and rapidly growing substance of abuse.

In Connecticut, heroin is the heavily abused drugs with a reported figure of 17,878 out of the 48,082 people surveyed admitting to heroin. The number of people who were admitted for treatment was broken down according to age groups, with people ages 21-25 as the highest number who sought the help at treatment centers. In Utah, about 49% of alcohol rehabilitation clients admitted themselves or were admitted by a loved one in 2006; whereas, the other 51% were admitted by the criminal justice system.

In truth, dealing with drug addiction is very stressful particularly to the family of the drug addict. The process of finding the right rehabilitation center doesn’t come overnight. In fact, no matter how reputable the rehabilitation center is, there’s always the likely event that the drug addict will fall into a relapse, or worst, find a way to escape treatment. Nevertheless, intervention is still the most effective way to help a drug addict recover. If you suspect your teenager or another loved one in this dilemma, you can seek assistance from the 10 non-profit alcohol and drug rehab organizations listed below.

These faith-based recovery ministries are selected based on their revenue data, as well as the number of years they’ve been involved in helping people defeat their addictions. The information given below provides a brief description of each ministry’s background and the program/s they offer.

Minnesota Teen Challenge, (Alcohol, Drug Rehab) - Executive Director, Rev. Richard Scherber

Founded in 1984, Minnesota Teen Challenge is a faith-based drug and alcohol program for teens and adults. At present, it has more than 450 residents in eight residential buildings around the state. MnTC’s recovery programs are classified into classes – for teens and for adults. The program structure consists of 13-15-Month long-term recovery program and a short-term licensed residential program. Aside from that, MnTC also created a Restoration program to provide a safe place for Teen Challenge graduates to address the issues that caused their relapse.

Faith Farm Ministries, (Alcohol, Drug Rehab) - Executive Director, Mr. Dean Webb

Faith Farm Ministries started as a 3-day program for men to bounce back from alcohol addiction, providing comfort, shelter, food and Biblical training to homeless and indigent men. As the ministry continues to help astray, destitute men, it managed to mature into an extensive rehabilitation program for men and women to overcome their addictions of illegal drugs, alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs. Their free 9-month addiction recovery program cocoons the residents in a loving environment to motivate them to participate in a structured program which includes educational courses, fitness activities, work therapy, group and individual counseling, and so forth.  Faith Farm Ministries also offers extended biblical and leadership training program for individuals who have a desire to learn skills which are required for ministering to hurting people and leadership in daily life.

Teen Challenge Training Center, (Alcohol, Drug Rehab) - President, Rev. Joseph S. Batluck Sr.

Teen Challenge Training Center was formed in 1958 as a faith-based residential recovery ministry for men, women, and adolescents. Their 14-month program is designed to be both intensive and dynamic, fostering responsibility toward family and society and provides a good start toward a legitimate vocation. Residents are educated through biblical principles to value spiritual relationships and experience inner healing to learn to trust themselves and the people around them.

Home of Grace, (Alcohol, Drug Rehab) - Executive Director, Mr. Billy Barton

This Christian faith-based drug and alcohol recovery program was founded in 1965 and is today one of the most recognized leaders in helping individuals with addiction problems. The 13-week program consists of education, devotion and chapel services, counseling and on-campus work project. Home of Grace creates an environment for spiritual, emotional and physical recovery for those in crisis of addictions, as well as domestic violence.

Teen Challenge International, Nashville, (Alcohol, Drug Rehab) - Executive Director, Dr. Norma Calhoun

Teen Challenge Nashville is a faith-based recovery program that offers residence to teens and adults who have expressed a genuine desire to change their lives, cast off their former ways, and presses diligently onward, toward a life that is mentally, physically, and spiritually sound. Their mission is to help evangelize individuals who have life-controlling problems and to initiate the discipleship process to the point where they can function as Christians in society, applying spiritually motivated biblical principles to relationships in their family, church, vocation, and community.

Teen Challenge International, USA, (Alcohol, Drug Rehab) – President, Rev. Mike Hodges

Headquartered in Springfield, MO, Teen Challenge USA charters and grants accreditation, develops curriculum for and refer clients to Teen Challenge centers in the United States. It is a department of the U.S. Missions division of the Assemblies of God USA, whose role is to provide leadership by way of accreditation standards, curriculum distribution, a referral source for people who need Teen Challenge’s services, training, and management assistance in order to enable each of the local Teen Challenge ministries to accomplish their mission.

Although Teen Challenge ministries intentionally serve the addicted population, their primary mission is to provide youth, adults and families with an effective and comprehensive Christian faith-based solution to life-controlling drug and alcohol problems in order to become productive members of society.

Mission of Hope Ministries, (Alcohol, Drug Rehab) – Executive Director, Mr. Jim Jordan

Mission of Hope Ministries was formed in 1971 to help individuals break free from their addiction. Their 3-month, in care, Christian program is designed to minister to the men and women who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.  The program for men is called Mission of Hope, and the one for the women is called Haven of Hope. They also offer Welcome Home Ministry to help the families of the men who are enrolled in the Mission of Hope program.  While an individual is serving the three-month program at the Mission of Hope, his loved one will be receiving maximum support through Biblical counseling, teaching, and preaching at the Mission of Hope.

Teen Challenge of Memphis, (Alcohol, Drug Rehab) – Executive Director, Mr. Jonathan Lindberg

Teen Challenge of Memphis is a 12-15 month residential program for men 18 and older. The program starts with orientation and assessment, which runs for 2 weeks and followed by the induction phase where the residents are involved in group studies addressing behavioral issues and addiction from a biblical perspective. Advance training is also given to help the student discover how life-controlling problems develop and present biblical principles to help them identify and address unhealthy situations. Teen Challenge of Memphis has been in existence for almost 40 years with the goal to send as many men back into society rehabilitated, educated, and trained being an asset to their families, friends, church and communities.

The Refuge Ranch, (Alcohol, Drug Rehab) – President, Mr. Fred V. Beeson

The Refuge Ranch is a residential Christian drug regeneration ministry for adult women. The program began in 2007 with a mission to heal women spiritually and emotionally from the pain and suffering of addiction so that all their relationships will become new as well. Their 12-month program starts with the induction process where a woman is introduced to the program to learn to acclimate to the daily discipline that will be required of them. The induction period also serves as the woman's time to clear her mind from the negative psychological impact that drugs brought to her life and learn to find new life in Christ. The succeeding phases of the program include orientation, regeneration, inner healing, and discipleship.

Wisdom in Living Life Ministry, (Alcohol, Drug Rehab) – President, Mr. Fred V. Beeson

Wisdom in Living Life is a Bible-based ministry seeking to “educate, equip and empower God’s people to effectively reach those imprisoned by addiction.”  Their program is geared at training individuals with addiction problems by addressing the sin of addiction and then training them from a biblical perspective. They offer one on one and family counseling, personalized life coach training, Bible-based classes, group classes and support, mentoring programs, and student scholarship internship opportunities.